#101 Pope Gregory IV

Pope from March 828 – January 25, 844 Died: January 25, 844 Give me the scoop on Gregory IV. Born in Rome late in the 8th Century, Gregory was known for his penchant for learning and his rugged good looks (yes, seriously) prior to being pope. After priestly ordination, Gregory served as cardinal and pastor… Continue reading #101 Pope Gregory IV

#100 Pope Valentine

Pope from August 31, 827 – October 10, 827 Lived: 800 – October 10, 827Give me the scoop on Valentine. Valentine, a Roman by birth, advanced very quickly in his service of the Church. Being very holy and of pure morals, he for good reason became a favorite of both St. Paschal I and Eugene… Continue reading #100 Pope Valentine

#53 Pope St. John I

23 Johns ago, there was a First! Pope St. John I Pope from 523-526 A.D.Died: 526 A.D. Give me the scoop on John I.The first of over 20 popes to be called “John” was born in Tuscany in 470, but moved to Rome at a young age. He served as a priest for most of… Continue reading #53 Pope St. John I

#95, Pope Adrian I

Pope from February 1, 772 – December 25, 795 Lived: c. 700 – December 25, 795 Give me the scoop on Adrian I. A Roman by birth, Adrian set himself up well to follow Stephen III and take over the papacy at such an uneasy time in the Church’s history. Adrian was from a noble… Continue reading #95, Pope Adrian I

#94, Pope Stephen III

Pope Stephen III Pope from August 7, 768 – February 1, 772Lived: 720 – February 1, 772 Give me the scoop on Stephen III.Stephen was born in Sicily, the son of a man named Olivus. Stephen first served as a Benedictine monk in the abbey of St. Chrysogonus (sound familiar? His name is in the… Continue reading #94, Pope Stephen III

Interacting with Atheists: 5 Foundational Principals

Interacting with atheists can be draining. Not every conversation will go well, especially when you start out. But if you follow these five principles, you can drastically improve your mindset and your conversations. Here’s the first principle: pray every day. Develop a daily prayer routine. Decide on a specific segment of time as your personal… Continue reading Interacting with Atheists: 5 Foundational Principals