Our Job is NOT Finished!

With the release of the possible Supreme Court decision, it may seem like our job is over, we have won! That cannot be further from the truth. The enemy, the devil, indeed goes about like a roaring Lion, seeking whom he might devour. Just as in Russia, where the narrative of the government there has convinced so many that Ukrainians are “Neo-Nazis” and they are blinded to the women and children being brutally murdered, our country has created a false narrative about abortions. Innocent women are led to believe that, in their moment of despair, when they cannot imagine how they could raise the child in their womb, or are pressured to believe this is the only way forward, abortion seems to be the only way out. Punishing these women will not solve the bigger problem.

We must continue to work to avoid the hypocrisy this cartoon depicts. It is a caricature of the worst of those who proport to support Life. If we actually look at what is represented here, we see that those that are “Pro-Choice” are advocating to end these lives before they have a chance to face their own struggles. Often, the Republican Party and Pro-Life advocates fall straight into these stereotypes by not, as we were admonished in the First Degree, Support Life in All of its Stages!

  • Save the Babies!
    • But Not the Welfare mothers and families. – As Knights, we must redouble our commitments to support families! That is what Coats for Kids and Food for Families, the Baby bottle drives are for! Support candidates that are truly Pro-Life in all its stages!
    • Not those Immigrant Babies! We must support the immigrants fleeing from oppression across the globe. Many of these immigrants (legal and illegal) are our brother Knights and their families! We must put political animosities aside and support these families regardless of their status. Children do not have a political opinion and we, as Catholic gentlemen, must offer the helping hand of Christ.
    • Not the children fleeing gang violence and their families. The Catholic Church has always provided love and support to all victims of any kind of violence. We contribute to providing hope and education to free families of poverty.
    • It’s Not for US to saw which babies live or die! It is not for us to determine. This is an oft misused misunderstanding as an excuse for abortion. In the vary rare circumstances which it is a medical necessity to treat a mother, doctors strive to save the lives of both mother and child. If a child dies in this case, it is not an “abortion” but a consequence of treatment of the mother. Such treatment is not performed in a Planned Parenthood clinic, which are not equipped for surgical, life-saving, procedures, but in a hospital, with trained surgical staff. Our involvement in Special Olympics is important to demonstrating the dignity and importance of every life!
  • Finally, the mask mandates! Involvement in this argument under the name of Pro-Life has damaged the credibility of our cause. This has been something that very prominent national leaders, including Fr. Frank Pavone, have fallen into and has affected the credibility of this movement. As Pro-Life people, as Knights, we must take back the narrative and stop allowing it to degenerate into name calling and extremes.

Abortion targets the poor and hopeless, we must fight for their rights. Abortion is portrayed as a ‘solution’ to all that is wrong in a woman’s life:

  • where she lacks power over her body (which is evidenced by her ‘un-wanted’ pregnancy in the first place), Abortion promises to give her control over her body.
  • Where she feels unable to control her circumstances in life, her poverty, inexperience, loneliness or fear of being shunned, Abortion promises to give her security.
  • Where she feels helpless or victimized, Abortion promises her the help she thinks she needs.

What Abortion does not provide, however, is a lasting solution. In fact, it leaves her guilty of taking a life which she can never get back. Abortion providers do not provide mental health counseling or support. It does not provide it because it does not acknowledge that what she is doing is anything to feel guilt about. They do not acknowledge that it is truly a life therefore cannot provide any kind of support.

Abortion does not provide lasting power over her own body either. Abortion does not Empower women, it does not address what caused the pregnancy in the first place or why she may or may not have consented to have sex. If a woman has been a victim of sex-trafficking or rape, abortion does not solve this problem.

Abortion does not address the root causes of poverty, it does not send her home with food and a place to live. It does not provide her with resources.

Abortion only takes away, it does not GIVE. It does not give hope, it does not provide direction, it does not provide an escape from the circumstances that brought the woman to their doorstep in the first place. Abortion providers do not even provide alternatives to their services. They do not provide adoption services, they do not provide choices if the mother chooses to have her child!

My brothers, for everything that Abortion and Abortion Providers fail to do, WE, as Knights, as supporters of Pro-Life, must work to provide these women HOPE, Support, and prayer. Several laws have been passed recently, including in Idaho. Many provide punitive actions. Many seek to punish a young mother in their time of deepest despair and hopelessness. We must work to embrace these women, not slap them down! We need to work, especially if the Supreme Court indeed does overturn Roe vs Wade, to divert the funding that has been going to Planned Parenthood and other Abortion providers to go to clinics such as Stanton and Sage. The funding should go to support women in poverty who are seeking help. We need to support programs, such as Madonna House, which support displaced mothers and children. Where Abortion takes away, we must give. We must focus on…


Vivat Jesus!

J.A. Arroyo, PGK, FDD
Knights of Columbus, Idaho State Council
Pro-Life Chairman