Letha Abigail (Dennington) Lawrence

Letha Abigail (Dennington) LawrenceFemale View treeBorn: 1893-08-20Died: 1934-01-21
Father: Burl DenningtonMother: Marry Missouri Mooney
Children: James Floyd Lawrence, Claudia Minnie Dennington (Heatherly) (Dill) (Clendining), Wilma Irene (Lawrence) McGrew, Edna Mae (Lawrence) Ellison, Melvin Lawrence
Siblings: none

Born: Aug 20, 1893 Searcy County, AR
Died: Jan. 21, 1934 Vinita, OK

Letha was the mother of Edna, Wilma, Claudia, and Floyd (Did I leave anyone out?) – she died at an early age shortly after giving birth to Wilma

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