Clifford John Heatherly

Clifford John HeatherlyMale View treeBorn: Died: 1957-09-05
Father: UnspecifiedMother: Unspecified
Children: none
Siblings: none

                                       Remembering my Amazing Family

                                                                                        by Ron Ellison

(Husband of Claudia Lawrence Heatherly)

Readers Digest in the past had articles written by readers titled “The most unforgettable person I’ve met” For me Uncle Clifford would have been my choice to write about.

Clifford was just down right fun to be around. Clifford had a 2nd grade education but he was until his untimely death the best off financially of everyone in the family.

He did go to Tulsa Welding School and learned to be a master at this trade. After working at Vulcan Steel in Tulsa he opened a welding shop on Admiral in Tulsa. His shop became well known as the place to get your welding done. He made boat trailers as part of his business and also he installed trailer hitches.

He and his wife were a perfect pair. They had a house behind the shop. Several times throughout the day Clifford would come in and drink coffee. He was usually in a hurry so he would pour his coffee in his saucer and sip the coffee from to make it cool enough.

He was very much a kid at heart and all the kids in the family loved his way of teasing. Most of the boys in the family worked for Clifford at some point. My first job for him was to sweep out the shop and clean the lath of metal shavings. I also operated the electric hack saw that cut lengths of plate and angle iron.

Because of Cliff’s coughing at night Claudia and Clifford had separate twin beads. When I visited him before bedtime, he would be laying across his bed in his p.j.’s reading a book on the floor, usually their family bible or a Superman comic book. As I said he was a kid at heart, but he also loved to read from his big bible.

Clifford always had a boat around and loved to go to the lake. Not so much to fish but to cruise around in his toy. Of course they always took their substitute child trixy (a dog). They were not able to have children.

I was only 16 when Uncle Clifford passed away. They said it was from an enlarged heart. All I knew was he had the biggest heart of anyone I knew and I really missed my Uncle Clifford

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