Rachel M. McGrew

Rachel M. McGrewFemale View treeBorn: 1893Died: 1976
Father: UnspecifiedMother: Unspecified
Children: Myrtle Mae McGrew, Mary Ellen McGrew, Jonas Clarence McGrew, Clyde Porter McGrew, Harold Franklin McGrew, Elmer Lee McGrew, Robert Oliver McGrew
Siblings: none

Great Grandma McGrew

Hopefully, Ron and some of the ‘older’ cousins can tell more about Jonas C and Rachel. I just remember that Grandma and Grandpa would visit her in the nursing home and she passed away when I was 15.

Mother: Celinda Ester Slater b. 1863-?

Father: George William Casdorph b. 7/11/1864

Family Members

George H Casdorph – 1834-1911
Mary Jane Baughman – 1840-1907

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