#100 Pope Valentine

Pope from August 31, 827 – October 10, 827

Lived: 800 – October 10, 827
Give me the scoop on Valentine.

Valentine, a Roman by birth, advanced very quickly in his service of the Church. Being very holy and of pure morals, he for good reason became a favorite of both St. Paschal I and Eugene II. Valentine was ordained by Paschal to the diaconate and named archdeacon (basically, “chief deacon”), then continued to serve in that role under Eugene II. His election was unanimous among the nobility, priests, and people on August 31. Incidentally, his election wasn’t even able to be confirmed by the emperor, since Valentine died just 40 days later, at the young age of 27.

What was he known for?

Valentine wasn’t around long enough to be known for much, but being Pope No. 100 is still pretty neat.

Fun fact: Apparently, Valentine was deep in prayer in the Basilica of St. Mary Major — and thus not even present at the election — when he was chosen to succeed Eugene II. A crowd traveled to the church and carried Valentine back to the Lateran Palace to be consecrated, despite his loud objections to let him finish praying.

What else was going on in the world at the time?

Nothing to note. Those five weeks, as it turned out, were all very “ordinary.”
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