Our family has this small home on the web and has maintained it now for almost 2 decades! I can’t believe it has been this long since it was first introduced to the world in such a small way. This version, maintained using WordPress, dates back to October 27th, 2010!

Over the years we have won quite a few awards for the content of this site, I’ve posted some of them on the bottom of this page. Thank you for your visit. Family and friends are encouraged to subscribe to our newsletter page. By subscribing, you will receive an update whenever I update the blog.

This web site is a resource, an introduction, and a means to share what we value most – our Faith and our family! Come on in and view pictures and Family News from the present and past of our ancestors, the various families represented here:

Arroyo, Attard, Brown, Beio, Blount, Casdorph, Coumoulos, Cox, Davis, Dennington, Ellis, Ellison, Eubanks, Foreman, Fouts, Fowler, Greene, Henry, Jones, Kirkpatrick, Lawrence, Likes, Marin, McGrew, Million, Mooney, Morris, Pentecost, Perry, Quiros, Rivera, Price, Robison, Rowlette, Ruiz, Slater, Starn, Strong, Torres, Venable, Villari, Valdeseri, Walker, Wallaceton, and Ward.

From these families, we make up one family. ¬†Robert and Isabella McGrew came to this country from Ireland before the Constitution while Aurea Arroyo and her children, Jose’ and Cynthia, came from Puerto Rico about 1943. Taft Beio emigrated in the late 1970s from the Marshall Islands. Our family represents the greatest this country has to offer, descendants of Ireland, Marshall Islands, England, Puerto Rico, Italy, Spain, and Native American. We represent the “Melting Pot” of the United States. Together, we join together to make a family. We have included a variety of pictures, our family tree, our values page, links, and downloads of interest. ¬†We hope you enjoy your stay at our web site.

The Arroyo Family has received the following awards from St. Charles Borromeo since 2005:

Jose’ A. Arroyo is Knights of Columbus State Life Chairman and New Council Development Director, spokesman for the Idaho State Council on Salt and Light Radio in Boise, Idaho, Former District Deputy for District 6 in Idaho, a Past Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus Council #11194, past Color Corps Commander for his 4th Degree Assembly of Knight of Columbus, and past member of the Eastern Oklahoma, Ed Terrell Memorial KofC Degree Team.  Michael Arroyo is past Chancellor of Council 4721 and Past Warden of Council #11194.

Award 2010

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