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“If Horace Greeley did not believe there was such a thing as territory beyond the Mississippi, he would never have said: ‘Go west, young man.’ If the modern man did not believe there was such a thing as hell, he would never give so many directives to those whom he did not like to go there.”
– Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Go To Heaven)

Hope Springs Eternal

This is a resurrection of sorts. A victim of the Pandemic of 2020, our web site, which has been up since 1997, crashed. I am slowly pulling the pieces back together. In the meantime, I have created views to the Facebook pages which I administer, Casa Del Arroyo and the Knights of Columbus Idaho State Pro-Life page. Hopefully, the site will rise like a Phoenix!

“How do we meet this challenge of a mood which makes society evil and the person guiltless? The answer must be: the courage of the few. “If the trumpets give an uncertain sound who will prepare for battle?” Courage is to some extent the foundation of all virtue for without it there is no security for preserving any other virtue.”
Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Call to Action

Whether it be giving blood or collecting food for families, we must always remember we are not in this alone! There is always someone who is struggling more than we are.

If you are a Catholic Man, please click the link below to join the Knights of Columbus!

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Independence Day at the Casa.


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